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24 July 2010

As my friend Mara said, w00t for Canada for legalizing gay marriage. Due to the USA's superiority complex and We-are-the-only-country-who-can-ever-do-anything-good attitude, I doubt this will help us follow suit, but let's hope they will. There is too much prejudice against gay couples in both the government and society today, but let's hope the law will be passed soon.


I'm hoping to start my 3rd story in a series I've been working on...
I can't really find where to start though...
Don't you hate it when conservatives think that AVATAR is a liberal propaganda film trying to make the US Army look bad? According to a blog I read a few days ago, it makes "flaky pagan worship" a good thing, says "US military very bad", "mining bad", "the only good soldier is a traitor"....I could go on...
But for those of you who've seen it (It went on for twelve weeks so I hope you have, out of the tiny number of people who will actually read this thing) doesn't what the blogger says seem to indicate the following?
  • The US Army is justified in rapaciously destroying a country and taking away its resources, because the soldiers are heroic no matter what the war.
  • Killing civilians and children doesn't matter, because they're foreigners or subhuman.
  • Killing non-Christians doesn't matter, because they're subhuman.
  • Exploiting natural resources to any less than full capacity is leftist tree-hugging crap that wastes the time and money of the great USA.
  • Soldiers in the US (or really any nation for that matter) who try to oppose or resist whatever immoral decision the gov't is making are traitors.
  • Need I say more?
  • Said blog can be found by going to the Wikipedia article on "AVATAR-2009 FILM" and using the "Find" function in the References area to find the blog post 'Hit over the head by the leftie sledgehammer'.
Okay, now I've shouted about my ideology I don't have much left to say...
Merry christmas to all and to all a good night.

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